Novozymes' approach to the Global Reporting Initiative indicators


Novozymes supports the Global Reporting Initiative's framework (GRI) for sustainability reporting. GRI reporting has been an integrated part of Novozymes' reporting platform since 2002 and is presented as part of The Novozymes Report 2011. The GRI provides a disclosure framework of 10 principles and 121 indicators, including 79 sustainability performance indicators, against which companies may report. In 2007, Novozymes adopted the G3 guidelines, which are organized into economic, environmental, and social categories. The social category is broken down further into labor, human rights, society, and product responsibility subcategories. This 2011 report is based on the G3 guidelines and, in acknowledgement of the fact that the landscape of sustainability reporting is ever evolving, Novozymes will adopt the G4 guidelines for the 2012 report to continously improve our reporting. Please refer to the GRI website for further explanation of the GRI. 

The extent to which companies disclose their management approach and adherence to the GRI indicators determines the application level as illustrated below. Based on a thorough analysis of the GRI guidance and requirements, Novozymes and the Global Reporting Initiative declare an Application Level of A for The Novozymes Report 2011.

 Level A application.JPG Level A application_web.jpg

Key to symbols

Novozymes is in full compliance with the detailed specifications for the indicator



Novozymes covers some aspects of the indicator 


Novozymes does not report on the indicator



The indicator is not relevant to Novozymes