The Novozymes Report 2011


Novozymes’ ambition is to provide a report that integrates financial and sustainability data. We have been working with integrated reporting for many years, as this reflects the way we operate our business.

The Novozymes Report 2011 is available in English in a full online version at The written online report is supplemented with a series of videos adding perspective and insight into Novozymes’ performance. In addition, an integrated feature called My Report enables you to compile a full or customized pdf download of the report. We hope that you will find this feature useful whether you want to print the report or just save it on your own computer. The reporting website is dedicated to The Novozymes Report 2011 and other information relevant to our shareholders and financial stakeholders, but is also a mine of information for anyone else with an interest in Novozymes.

All photos in the report feature Novozymes employees from around the world, illustrating both our global presence and our human touch. It is our employees who make Novozymes the world leader in bioinnovation. 

Editorial team

Editor  Kirsten Laugesen, Corporate Communications,, tel. +1 919 494 3361
Finance  Jens Breitenstein, Finance,, tel. +45 4446 1087
Jan Paulsen, Finance,, tel. +45 4446 3208
Investor Relations Thomas Steenbech Bomhoff, Investor Relations,, tel. +1 919 494 3483
Sustainability  Mette Gyde Møller, Sustainability Development,, tel. +45 4446 0434
Assistance  Tanja Bengtsson, Finance,, tel. +45 4446 1239
Text The editorial team from Novozymes, headed by Corporate Communications
Photos Niclas Jessen
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Reporting and audits

The website contains The Novozymes Report (which, pursuant to section 149 of the Danish Financial Statements Act, is an extract of the company's annual report) and the financial statements of the parent company Novozymes A/S. Together these form the company’s annual report, which will be filed with the Danish Business Authority. The annual report will be available at as a separate publication in Danish.

PwC has audited  the consolidated financial statements, the parent company financial statements, and environmental and social data. PwC has also been the sustainability assurance provider and has based the assurance on the AA1000 Assurance Standard (2008).

The audit covers financial, environmental, and social data. These are marked “Audited by PwC.” See also the statements in the report.

PwC has not audited the sections of the report found under the headings Report, OutlookManagement, and Supplementary reporting. The Supplementary reporting includes our report index based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and detailed sustainability data from our activities in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, India, Sweden, the UK, and the US. Our Communication on Progress with respect to the Global Compact can be found at under Sustainability.

The report has been produced in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the Danish Financial Statements Act, and the additional requirements of NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S for the presentation of financial statements by listed companies. It has also been prepared as an element of Novozymes' reporting according to the GRI's G3 Guidelines for Sustainability Reporting.

Forward-looking statements

The Novozymes Report 2011 contains forward-looking statements, including Novozymes’ financial outlook for 2012, which, by their very nature, are associated with risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from expectations. The uncertainties may include unexpected developments in the international currency exchange and securities markets, market-driven price decreases for Novozymes’ products, and the introduction of competing products in Novozymes’ core areas. See Risk management.