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Watch the videos telling our main stories in the Novozymes Report 2011. You can see interviews with the members of Executive Management, customers, employees, and other stakeholders. We hope you will enjoy them!

Executive Management - about Novozymes in 2011
Highlights of 2011
The integration of EMD Crop BioScience is one of the big achievements of 2011.
Growth despite challenges
Novozymes delivered a result within the range promised to the stock market and expects satisfactory growth also in 2012.
Biopharma highlights and expectations
The pharmaceutical area is experiencing great momentum right now, and the future looks promising.
Sustainability targets
Making more with less and setting high sustainability targets is highly relevant in economically challenging times.
Innovation in R&D
Besides delivering innovation across a number of important industries, Novozymes' R&D organization has discovered new enzyme categories.
The biofuel landscape
In 2011, Novozymes' partners and customers invested in demonstration plants in the US, China, and Europe.
Being ambitious about sustainability
Novozymes has set a number of ambitious targets for sustainability and environmental performance, both internally in Novozymes and through our customers' use of our products.
Enabling long-term growth
Novozymes believes in investing freed-up resources in future growth.
Boosting BioBusiness
In 2011, BioBusiness welcomed 165 employees from EMD Crop BioScience, and following the integration, Novozymes became one of the world's leading companies in the area of biological solutions for the farming industry.
Stepping up on the world stage
Novozymes believes in a bio-based economy that can pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow. But we cannot do this alone. We are committed to connecting with influential politicians, partners, and industry representatives.
Boosting BioAg competencies in R&D
The integration of know-how and manpower from EMD Crop BioScience provides a strong platform from which to further expand our presence in bioagriculture.
Biofuel expectations
2012 is set to be the year when commercially available ethanol takes off, paving the way for investments in the second wave of ethanol plants.
The economic turmoil
The economic turmoil has made customers more cautious, affecting Novozymes' sales.
BioBusiness in 2012
BioBusiness' portfolio looks perhaps more interesting than ever before.
Loving what we do
Although surveys reveal that Novozymes' employees are satisfied and motivated in what they do, the focus on maintaining high job satisfaction and motivation continues.
Connecting across the household care value chain
By connecting across the value chain, the household care industry works together to become even more sustainable.
The phosphate challenge
Phospate is a finite resource. By using Novozymes' products farmers can reduce the amount of phosphate they add to crops and animal feed.
The sustainability trend
Sustainability is a lasting trend, even though the world's primary focus in 2011 has been on the financial crisis.
Investments in R&D
Novozymes is dedicated to delivering innovation to our customers, and therefore continues to channel resources to our R&D organization.
Insight into our products and industries
Increasing yields with microorganisms
We add fertilizer to increase yields on our farmlands. But plants are unable to make full use of it. Adding microorganisms to a seed can change that.
Great opportunities for Novozymes in Brazil
Brazil's economy is growing and with this comes a middle class that is likely to invest more money in convenience products such as washing machines. This creates interesting opportunities for Novozymes.
Feeding the world
In the first half of this century the world population will grow to around 9 billion, and the global demand for food, feed, and fiber will nearly double.
The biofuel future in the US
The US has enough biomass to produce 90 billion gallons of ethanol per year to replace oil and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Changing patients’ lives with hyaluronic acid
Novozymes' animal-free hyaluronic acid can help people who suffer from osteoarthritis, a common disease that causes severe pain in the joints.
New facility in China to produce hyaluronic acid of the highest purity
Novozymes’ state-of-the-art facility in China is dedicated to produce the first fully Q7 cGMP-compliant hyaluronic acid for use in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.
Connecting with partners and customers
A sustainable partnership: Biomass from Novozymes used as free fertilizer
Novozymes has worked closely together with farmers across the globe for more than 20 years, supplying them with NovoGro® – a free biomass to fertilize their fields.
The Copenhagen Household Care Sustainability Summit 2011
Novozymes invited the entire value chain within household care to meet and discuss how to create a pathway for sustainability and drive consumer change.
Novozymes pioneers food–energy venture in Africa
Novozymes and CleanStar Ventures are jointly establishing an integrated food–energy business in Mozambique that will replace thousands of charcoal-burning cook stoves.
Novozymes powered by electricity from wind turbines
Novozymes in Denmark is now running on environmentally friendly electricity from wind turbines. Novozymes now has lower CO2 emissions than in 2005.