Note 22 - Provisions
2011 2010
    DKK million  DKK million
Provisions at January 1 232  168 
Currency translation adjustments (2)
Acquisition of activities and companies 15    - 
Additions during the year 37  71 
Reversals during the year (20) (1)
Utilization during the year   (12) (14)
Provisions at December 31 250  232 
Current 98  50 
Non-current 152  182 
Provisions includes items relating to liabilities for restoring rental premises to their original condition on moving out, contingent considerations, pending litigation, environmental cases, and long-term employee benefits.
Restoration concerns expected future costs relating to removal of plant and installations and restoration, etc., in connection with moving out of rental premises. The costs are expected to be incurred on termination of the leases in a minimum of 2 years/maximum of 15 years.
The contingent consideration relates to acquisitions in previous years and is expected to be settled on an ongoing basis over a period of up to 6 years, but with the majority being paid before the end of 2013.
Environmental liabilities relate to expected costs to ensure that Novozymes' production sites do not have a negative environmental impact. Provision has been made for the estimated costs relating to established circumstances, and these costs are expected to be incurred either when concrete measures are implemented or when the sites are vacated.
Novozymes is involved in a number of ongoing legal disputes, and provision is made for the estimated costs of these based on the current evaluation of the outcomes. The cases are mainly expected to be finalized in 2012 and 2013.
In addition, provisions also covers a number of minor obligations, including other long-term employee benefits, liability for returned goods, etc. These obligations are expected to be incurred over a longer period.